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Existing ASDAN centres can add Workskills Online to their registration at no extra cost by signing in to the members area of the ASDAN website and clicking on 'Add a course'. Use your ASDAN login details to log into the Workskills Online tutor dashboard.

Organisations and centres not registered with ASDAN can complete the Centre Registration Form and add Workskills Online only, this is free of charge. These centres can then use their ASDAN login details to log into the Workskills Online tutor dashboard.

Individual users can complete the Individual Registration Form.


Individual Learner Assessment Credits are purchased with a maximum cost of £3.10. This cost can be reduced by purchasing Assessment Credits in larger quantities.

Centres registering for Workskills Online but not paying an annual centre registration fee will not have access to bulk purchase discounts. 

Centres can purchase Assessment Credits by Card or Invoice, individual users can purchase Assessment Credits by Card only.

Once registered for Workskills Online, centres will receive two free Assessment Credits.

Schedule Assessment

Select an individual learner or group of learners and schedule an assessment by selecting a subject and level.

Each learner will be assigned an individual username and password to log in. This information can be emailed to the administrator or the learner. 


Assessments can be accessed at any time, or as scheduled by the administrator and from any device that can access the Workskills Online platform.


Monitor learner progress through the LIVE Invigilation Viewing Experience. Results are available instantly an assessment has been completed.

(This function is not available to individual users).


The administrator can use the diagnostic tool to access a comprehensive range of reports and assessment analysis to support learner development.

(This function is not available to individual users).

Claim certificate

Certificates can be downloaded and printed by the administrator or learner to reward achievement.